First Mile

Heavy vehicles offering dedicated daily pickups for those shipping more than a pallet or two of packages daily

  • USA & Canada Origin

  • 5 tonne fleet

  • Chain of Custody

  • 53' Dry van fleet


High speed parcel cross-dock facilities outfitted with the latest in conveyor & sortation technology allowing multi carrier strategies to prepare for middle mile or final mile.

  • Milestoning

  • Bonded & High Security

  • Dim, Weigh, Scan

  • Custom Sort Plans

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Middle Mile

Air and Ground Line Haul

  • Flying truck

  • Visibility

  • Air can

  • Insured

  • Injections into 30 carriers

  • Control tower management

  • Peak guarantees

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Final Mile

Wizmo manages wholesale purchase agreements with end carriers on behalf of our network. Partnering with Wizmo allows our network to become yours. This means Wizmo never takes part in their own last mile deliveries and instead behaves as a carrier agnostic wholesale of postage and freight for B2C delivery programs.

  • Perfectly agnostic

  • 30+ products

  • Postal Carrier

  • Canada, USA, and WW products

  • Common Carrier

  • Economy, Expedited, Express

  • Regional Carrier

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Unique returns and reverse logistics programs

  • USA to CA returns repatriation

  • Integrated with most returns apps

  • CA to USA returns repatriation

  • Custom cross border programs

  • Alternative returns carriers

  • Reverse returns zone skipping


The high speed clearance of low value packages is more about technology now than anything else. We have built mousetraps to bring parcels in and out of Canada in a compliant and low cost fashion.

  • Duty Drawback Automation Canada

  • 321 with FDA PN Considerations

  • CLVS Entry to Canada

  • Section 321 Entry to USA

  • CARM Entry to Canada

  • DDP WW

  • DDU WW

Team member at Wizmo
Team member at Wizmo


Our approach has been to create low friction environment where we work around your IT setup to create a fast and economical way of connecting our mutual operations. There is no bridge we will not cross in order to become connected and this is typically comes at no cost during implementation.

  • Logistics Technology Services

  • Freight Auditing

  • Carbon Offset programs

  • Shipment Visibility & Analytics

  • Custom Parcel Insurance

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