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Purpose, Passion, and Cause: A Better Way To Do It

Wizmo is a young, ambitious and energetic group obsessed with continuous improvement while honouring a tight niche inside of the ecommerce logistics world. We hire, promote and dismiss clients, customers and vendors in line with this values system.

e're all in.
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  • Employees are one step shy of tattooing the flying blue box on their face

  • Customers are willing to trust us

  • Vendors are willing to get weird with us

n it for the long haul.
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  • Employees view Wizmo as THE way to make their dreams come true

  • Customers are building an edge for themselves through long term collaboration

  • Vendors are building an edge for themselves through long term collaboration

est for life.
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  • Employees must bring their own party with them at all times

  • Customers find working with us just plain fun!

  • Vendors bring us into the fun fold

ust be really curious.
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  • Employees naturally want to understand everything to know how anything works

  • Customers want to be the best in the world at what they do

  • Vendors push us to be our best selves

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  • Employees embrace an eccentric level of truthfulness and transparency

  • Customers are willing to share their truths in order to improve

  • Vendors progress by sharing

Come Collaborate With Us

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Meet The Leadership

Our team is ready to architect the ideal shipping and logistics solution for your business.

Alex Moore
Alex Moore
Founder, Co-CEO
Craig Radford
Craig Radford
Founder, Co-CEO
Mark Neal
Mark Neal
VP, Sales
Matt Aquino
Matt Aquino
Director, Customer Experience
Matthew Pileggi
Matthew Pileggi
Director, Operations
Full name
Job title
Full name
Job title
Full name
Job title
Full name
Job title
Full name
Job title
“Wizmo outsources their final mile & collaborates.”


VP Sales, Fleet Optics

“Wizmo helps us win and keep business. We go deep.”


CEO, TSG Fulfilment

Employee Perks & Benefits

Employment that allows you to work with people you love and still have time for other hobbies and passions


Manulife benefits

Bitcoin RRSPs

Normal securities available too

Profit Sharing

10% of all profits

Flexible Working

Fully flexible

Autonomy & Trust

Drivers not passengers

Career Progression

Training, mentoring, coaching inside a career program tailored to your dreams

Team Success

Working on a winning team

Parental Leave

Go forth and multiply

National Recognition

Nationally recognized as a great place to work


A company focused on pushing the boundaries of modern corporate culture

Open Positions

Do you share our zest for life?

Full Stack Developer

The downside of most coding jobs is that you can only manipulate bits and bites in the electronic world. Sad. Without a real physical world for your code to interface with you feel empty and depraved. Not for long. Enter Wizmo! While we move bits of data we are even more into moving atoms. Correct! Wizmo is a code machine that controls the movement of truck drivers, packages, robots, people, and warehouses that exist IRL (in real life). There is a reason you played with trucks in your childhood.

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Mississauga, Ontario
Warehouse Associate

In this role you will become the equivalent of what used to be called a "longshoremen" but in the age of ecommerce. A crucial job which the economy could not function without! If it weren't for you - ecommerce orders would not get to where they are going in a timely manner. This role is for high energy individuals looking for a fast paced, friendly, positive, and challenging work environment. Scanning, sorting, palletizing, wrapping, and loading are just some of the action words associated with this role and its day to day functions.

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Toronto, Vancouver, Buffalo, Seattle
Truck Driver

Looking for drivers to run a round trips daily in all locations. Rate is negotiable based on experience. Full-time Salary: $23.00-$36.00 per hour.

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Mississauga, Vancouver, Seattle, Buffalo

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